Product Type
Oils with high-performance additives for reliable lubrication
Oils dissipate heat well from the lubricating point. In addition they have a notedly good creep and wetting behaviour. Oil lubrication is therefore often used at high temperatures or high speeds. Typical fields of application are gears, chains, friction bearings, hydraulic systems and compressors.
Greases Influences speed range and load-bearing capacity of a grease
If this temperature is exceeded, the grease structure is destroyed
for long-term lubrication under critical operation conditions

Test Method
Chemical detection
Physical detection
Mechanical detection
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Research institute
1. custom development
We have the ability to provide premium synthetic lubricants for special formulations to meet your application requirements.
2. Key Laboratory
Our ability to exceed the provision of premium synthetic lubricants special formula to meet your application requirements. We maintain one of the most advanced lubrication laboratories in the world - specifically for pre qualification testing of lubricants and lubrication related research and development.
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