Company profile
Pseinu is Nordic's largest specialty grease manufacturer with more than 90 years of lubricant industry expertise and headquartered in Malmö. 1881 Bengtsson, Ph.D., Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden (KTH) founded the Pseinu Institute of Lubrication, which studies the molecules of lubricants under high pressure and high shear elastic fluid dynamics (EHD) conditions Behavior, combined with tribology, rheology, fluid mechanics, chemistry, physics and materials science. The company has developed aerospace greases that meet the needs of military equipment as well as grease for assembly of automotive components. The goal is to make the machine more environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable with effective lubrication.

Our business philosophy

Run to the world, lubricate the future,

Customer demand as the center;

On the basis of customer demand;

Customer demand as the starting point.

Our tenet

At this, life for the industry

Provide customers with excellent performance products;

Provide professional technical support for customers;

To provide customers with warm and thoughtful service;

To help customers create value, meet the challenges and success.

Our history

In 1881, Dr. Olsen Alvis (KTH) of the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology (Bengtsson) established the (Pseinu) lubrication Institute

The company was founded in 1924, headquartered in Malmo City, the name Bisenu (pseinu)

1944 start producing lubricants

In 1958 the first Swedish environmental lubricant products

1985 Swedish military units develop grease suppliers

In 1990 we became European research grease (ELGI) member

Business domain
Our expertise in the field of friction ensures that your machines and equipment can operate effectively even in the most stringent cases, service areas and products, including, military and civilian:
The military, scientific research, aviation, aerospace, nuclear field
Communication satellite operation space application orbit 1. precision on the oxygen valve bearing the every kind of parts of the body. This is because the chemical inert oil itself high and a unique ultra low volatility. So to avoid pollution of the gasification molecules in high vacuum space in these extremely sensitive precision instruments and lenses.
Quality control
Bisenu (Pseinu) depending on the product quality as the lifeline of enterprise, quality management is regarded as one of the key of enterprise management, the Bisenu product quality assurance system has reached international standards, including ISO 13485 cleanroom certification. And from the safety, health, environmental protection and other aspects, to enhance the stability of the product quality to provide a strong guarantee. At the same time, in order to ensure the stability of product quality and production process, Bisenu has been in strict accordance with the CNAS standard requires the establishment of a laboratory.