Robot automation
ABB is a global supplier of industrial robots and offers robot software, peripherals, modular manufacturing units and related services. The products are widely used in welding, material handling, assembly, painting, finishing, picking, packaging, pallet stacking , Machinery management and other fields to the automotive, plastics, metal processing, casting, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, beverage and other industries as the target market. ABB robots mainly serve: automotive, plastic, metal processing, casting, electronics, machining, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries. Pseinu can provide the corresponding maintenance oil needs according to the application of ABB robots in different industries.

When the foreign giants began to master the core technology earned pours, the robot manufacturers get the corner interests began to catch up. Recently, robot technology in China has taken another step forward. The successful robot grease test conducted by Pseinu's joint robot means that the high-end grease technology in the automation industry of our country has made a substantive breakthrough without ever thinking of others Point technology to seek development.

China's robot industry is still in its infancy, in addition to the development of our country's robot RV reducer, harmonic reducer, servo motor and drive, controller and other core components, the grease also has an irreplaceable role and value. In order to break the technical dilemma faced by the robotics industry, it was necessary to find a way out from the inside out and Pseinu recognized this point. The reason why the robot grease to achieve such a breakthrough, and industry Pseinu lubricants efforts are inseparable. Pseinu lubricants improve the product's genes by constantly absorbing the best of the world's technologies and ensuring that its products are developed to meet or exceed the needs of the most advanced equipment in the world. At the same time continue to expand their cooperation circle, and robotics research and development enterprises, universities and research institutes to establish a good long-term cooperation and development relations, spit new entrants so that the spirit of the enterprise continues to move forward. The Pseinu robots to open up the robot grease technical problems, first make up the gap of our robot grease, and secondly completely replace the similar products of international brands, but also means that the technical difficulties that restrict the development of our robot is gradually being broken, and also China's robot development has set a benchmark in the industry.

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