As a relatively industrialized European country, our military industry is fairly developed. Almost all the weapons in the world can be designed and manufactured. Aircraft, tanks, artillery, missiles, all kinds of firearms and ships, submarines and early warning aircraft can all be designed and manufactured After years of unremitting efforts, we have successfully cooperated with the northern European arms giants Bofors, Scania, Volvo and SAAB. SAAB (Swedish aircraft company), Kockums (Kockums AB), the Swedish bearing factory. In 1976, the company decided to diversify its business and we have operations in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Ireland, Poland, the United Kingdom and Austria and are exported to a large number of countries and become one of the major industrial specialty oils in Europe supplier.

We maintain a high degree of cooperation with SAAB. In May 2014, the Swedish government said it would allow Saab to independently develop the "Gripen" E-fighter. In an agreement in 2012, Saab was required to provide Saab with international partners for the " "E fighter development. The current strength of the Swedish Ministry of Defense in the government has been strengthened, the "Gripen" E-fighter included in the "very significant, allowing failure" of the directory. In 2012, the agreement between the Swedish Ministry of Defense and Saab on the "Gripen" E-fighter project stipulated that the Swedish Ministry of Defense would have the right to withdraw the investment if there was no international partner to fund the development costs and to develop the export market. Currently, the Swedish government is "Gripen" E fighter jets invested more than 300 million US dollars. Sweden's long-staged "Gripen" E-fighter international partner is Switzerland, but on May 18 this route will not work, Switzerland voted 53.4% against the Swiss government is ready to invest 3.5 billion US dollars from Saab 22 Plans for the "Gripen" E-fighter. Now that Saab is turning its eyes to Brazil, the Swedish government continues to negotiate with the Brazilian government in the hope of producing the first 36 "Gripen E" fighters for the Brazilian air force in a cooperative manner with the Brazilian aerospace industry.